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Our story

Who we are

At Coéo, we make natural scents to enhance your natural self. You at your striving, thriving, hustling best. Trivial? No. It’s transformational. Because being human is about potential, not perfection. 

Natural, nourishing and sustainably sourced. Intentionally investing in our farmers, soil and crops. Replenishing our planet. To guarantee its future for everyone.

It’s an investment in ourselves. And an investment in our world.  

Heavy on the accented "e" Coéo is pronounced /Ko-way-oh/ and means to connect in Latin. Our fragrances connect you to yourself, and to nature.

Our impact

We take extra care with our sourcing and manufacturing practices so you don’t have to compromise between taking care of yourself, and taking care of the earth.

We work with the farmers who look after our land to ensure traceability of each ingredient we use, soil health, and crop vitality. 

We know that sustainability and biodiversity aren’t just words – they’re crucially important to our shared future on this wonderful planet. We’re not perfect yet, but we’re getting better all the time.  

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