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How essential oils can boost positivity

With the festive season behind us, we all want to make sure we continue enjoying the fresh perspective and clarity the new year brings. Rest assured, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that never fail to brighten a gloomy day (or mood). By curating blends of different essential oils throughout your day or week, you can help balance, restore or increase your energy levels to suit your needs. 

First things first though, how do essential oils really work?

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to improve both overall health and mood. Inhaling essential oils through a diffuser stimulates the body’s olfactory system (the part of the brain that processes smell), followed by the limbic system (the part of the brain that controls emotions and memory). Have you ever been transported back to a memory just by smelling a particular scent? Perhaps your mother’s perfume or the smell of food you used to love as a child. That’s exactly how essential oils work, and unsurprisingly they can be a powerful tool for tapping into emotion. Our essential oil blends have been designed to subtly access feelings of relaxation, calm or energy through scent alone.


Let’s talk about blends. Which one is right for you?


The answer isn’t quite so simple. Each blend is designed for a different purpose, so rather than viewing one as being ‘your favourite’, think of them all as playing a different role in your day, depending on what atmosphere or mood you’re trying to create.Think of essential oils as being a little like wine. There are endless varieties that all have different profiles, tastes and complement different occasions. You might have a glass of sparkling wine when celebrating, a light rose on a balmy evening or a rich red on a cold winter’s day. Much like wine, essential oils can be used individually or in a blend that showcases the best of each scent to create something new. You probably wouldn’t drink a heavy red wine with a light fish dish, so choosing the right essential oil for the occasion is equally as important to set the right mood.  


So, how do I choose?


When you buy a Coéo fragrance, you’re actually buying a mood experience. Each fragrance is specifically designed to either relax you, help you rest, or help you rise up - providing the ideal remedy to long, dark days and the moods they can bring. 

Our Calm blend is all about creating balance. When you are truly resting, you’re neither too energised nor too relaxed. The balance of lavender and benzoin helps to bring an equilibrium that helps you reset. The scent equivalent of a hot bath, a good book and a much-needed deep exhale, you can use this blend to create a moment of stillness for yourself on a busy January afternoon. 

Our Rest blend, however, focuses on creating the perfect environment for sleep. The powerful combination of rose and jasmine to soothe hits all the right notes to send a message to your body that it’s time to get some shut-eye. When all you want to do is sleep but your mind is racing with all the things you need to do tomorrow, reach for our Rest blend - your brain will know exactly what to do. 

On the other side of the coin, our Rise blend is all about creating extra energy when you need it most. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or before a challenging moment in your day (did someone say commute?), the balance of spicy cardamom and zesty neroli sets an uplifting tone while stimulating your energy centres. When it’s dark outside and you’re missing the summer sunlight, let it give you the boost you need to start the day. Let’s face it, when you’re able to set the right mood, tackling everything January (and the rest of the new year) brings becomes so much easier.


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